Become a Sponsor

Becoming an Earth Run sponsor is a great way to showcase your company’s sustainability efforts while engaging your employees, clients, and customers.

2012 Earth Run Sponsorship Flier

2012 Earth Run Sponsorship Complete Package

Printable Sponsorship Registration Form

Electronic Sponsorship Registration Form

There are many ways to support Earth Run on local, national, and international levels:

Corporate Teams

Corporate Match Team


Silver Seeds Team


Golden Sun Team


Platinum Runners Team


Race entries to start your Earth Run team 2 6 10 20
Your company listed on the Earth Run website name logo logo logo
Your company’s logo on the Earth Run souvenir shirt X X
Team/corporate tent at the Earth Run event X X
Team training package X X
Your company’s logo on all local Earth Run advertising, including print ads and banners X
Your company also matches funds raised by team, dollar for dollar X

National Corporate Match

  • Company matches funds raised by their team, dollar for dollar, at the local and national levels.

Planet Pacers, National Level – $50,000+

  • 20 race entries for your Earth Run team
  • Logo on ads, banners, and Earth Run website
  • Logo on all Canadian Earth Run shirts
  • Team/Corporate tent at all Earth Run events
  • Product placement opportunities
  • Team training and personalized kick-start session

In-Kind Sponsorship

We welcome in-kind donations from local media outlets and environmentally conscious suppliers of shirts, food, power, carbon offsets, and more! The cash value of your donations will determine your benefit level according to the list above.

School Day Sponsorship

Li'l Tree Hugger

Become a presenting sponsor for our School Day program, and together we will reach students, their parents and communities, achieving important results.

  • Create the next generation of environmental leaders
  • Teach students how to live in balance with nature
  • Encourage participation in creating innovative solutions to environmental problems
  • Help students get fit

Please contact to discuss this opportunity.

Moving Forward

As Earth Run expands into other provinces, countries, and continents in future years, we welcome the opportunity to create long-term partnerships with potential sponsors. If you would like to grow with Earth Run, please contact us at

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