Fundraising Tips

There is no fundraising minimum for Earth Run, but we encourage all participants to set a goal for themselves and go for it. Earth Run is a great way to support some very deserving environmental non-profits while working toward your own fitness. Here are some tips and tools to get you started.

Reach out to everyone in your network

A simple testimonial about why you’re running has the potential to inspire your friends and family, and encourage them to help you reach your fundraising goal.

Here is an email template that you can use. Just cut and paste, filling in details about why YOU are running, and then fire it off to everyone on your contact list:

Hello fellow Earthlings:

This summer I will be running for myself, my community, and the planet in the 2012 Vancouver Earth Run. One thousand runners will be joining me on June 3 to raise money for three beneficiary organizations:

  • David Suzuki Foundation and its participation in SeaChoice, a collaboration between non-profit groups dedicated to promoting sustainable seafood.
  • Surfrider Foundation and its Combing the Coast campaign. Through a unique waste collection method used during their monthly beach clean-ups, members have begun to develop a valuable data set to help identify some of the main types of pollution we find on our local beaches.
  • Young Naturalists Club of B.C. and its efforts to teach kids about the nature in their backyards. YNC provides resources like SalmonWILD, an online educational tool about wild salmon and their importance to First Nations communities.

I hope that you can help me reach my fundraising goal of $XXX. This money will go toward supporting these projects, as well as the awareness and campaign efforts of each of our beneficiary organizations.

To donate, simply log on to the Earth Run Foundation website at and click on the Donate button at the top of the page.

Thank you!

Mix work and pleasure

Why not bring a team along? If you’re interested in organizing a corporate team we can help make it happen. Approach your employer to see if they might match your fundraising efforts.

Make it fun

Throw a get-together with your friends. Instead of wine/dessert, ask guests to donate to your cause.

Know your stuff

We’ve provided info about the race and our beneficiary organizations so that you can give your potential sponsors all the details about this event. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your friendly race organizers at

Set a realistic fundraising goal and give yourself a deadline

Reaching your goal through small amounts over 2 months is easier to achieve than one lump sum the day before the event!

It’s all about the networking

There are several ways you can connect with other Earth Runners:

  • Join Earth Run’s Facebook group for fundraising tips and support from other runners
  • Participate in our running groups to get inspiration from other participants
  • Set up a Facebook event/group and invite your friends to join

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