School FAQs

What is the school program all about?

Students joining together in schools across the country, to celebrate Earth Day or World Environment Day and raise environmental awareness!

  • Teach students about environment and energy conservation
  • Engage students in creating innovative environmental solutions
  • Build future stewards of the environment
  • A tree for every school in 2012
  • Participate in a healthy, fun, outdoor activity!

What is Earth Run School Day?

  • Students in schools across Canada join together in their own Earth Run School Day events during Earth Week in April or World Environment Week in June.
  • Students
    • LEARN about environmental issues,
    • CREATE innovative solutions for their school and
    • TAKE ACTION for a healthy world.
  • Fundraising CAN be done by the school, using our software, with 100% of the school’s funds raised going to the school.

What does the Earth Run Foundation provide?

  • An “Organizer’s Kit” with event set up information and promotional materials to help the student leadership organizers. For example: Dr. Suzuki’s promotion CD, race banners and sign templates, volunteer T-shirts, and green shoelaces for promotion (limited quantities).
  • A small tree.
  • An Earth Run Foundation webpage to promote each school.
  • Your school-based program featured on an Earth Run Foundation webpage where schools can share their innovative environmental projects with other students and schools.
  • Any fundraising the school does through our software will be receipted and reported to the school.
  • Earth Run Foundation volunteers and/or sponsor volunteers to support the teachers and students during the Earth Run School Day event.

What does your school need to provide?

  • Great ideas for running your “green” Earth Run event
  • Student leadership volunteers
  • A school-based environmental project
  • Planting and care of the donated tree
  • Photos/video of the event and school-based environmental project sent to the Foundation for web site sharing.

What is the 2012 Li’l Tree Hugger theme all about?

Students participating in an EarthRUN

In 2012, the Earth Run School Program is celebrating forests! Our programs will focus on the benefits of having healthy forests and being mindful of conserving our environment and energy.

Each school will receive a tree to truly bring this message home to students.  They will have opportunities for hands-on action as they plant the tree, care for it, and watch it grow.

One Comment on “School FAQs”

  1. Nancy Froklage
    January 31, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

    Looks great! Anything that gets kids involved in something to benefit our environment is a worthy cause!

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