School Projects

Earth Run organizer Robyn gets it started!

2011 was the pilot year for our school program and there were some great environmental projects completed by students in the participating schools. As well, several schools made donations to nonprofit groups in their communities.

The Projects

Each school chose their own environmental project and the results were great!

  • rooftop garden, demonstrating biodiversity and habitat for many species
  • pesticide-free vegetable garden, which demonstrated how to grow our own healthy food. It allowed children to work cooperatively to build, maintain and harvest a garden.
  • School green spaces were designed and plants chosen, planted, and cared for to create natural shade in which students could gather.
  • Donations were made to a local animal protection group helping animals at risk.
  • Environmental projects in two conservation areas received donations.
  • Donations were made to the David Suzuki Foundation supporting their environmental initiatives.

Please check the recap of our 2011 schools program for the full update.

If you’re interested in getting involved, email us at or click here to register your school.

Promotion poster

School green spaces project.

Grow your own local food.

Creative window promotion saves paper!

Ann, a fantastic teacher organizer!

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